Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Au Hasard's film screenings continue with our second double bill:

II. GUILT - Saturday 4th February
'After all, our department, as far as I know, and I know only the lowest level, doesn't seek out guilt among the general population, but, as the Law states, is attracted by guilt and has to send us guards out. That's the Law. What mistake could there be?' 
Franz Kafka

Death by Hanging
Directed by Nagisa Oshima (Japan, 1968, 117 mins)

'We live lives that are even more evanescent than the bubbles floating along the stream – and even more meaningless. The reason we show an abnormal interest in crime and scandal is that a life, which usually drifts by, thereby appears caught up by a pole in the river’s flow. A drowning man grasps at straws. For we find, in crime and scandal, a tiny trace that reminds us of human dignity.'

The Round Up
Directed by Miklós Janscó (Hungary, 1965, 95 mins)

This film isn't just about 1956. The film is about the fact that there are people who want to be free and people who are oppressing them... There are moments in history where you can never know what happened. Everyone looks at it from a different perspective; everyone sees something different in it. There are always moments that are unsure. These are the little moments of history I am interested in.

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